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September 13, 2006

The following email response to a question about my 2600 article "HACKING ENCRYPTED HTML"

Attached (- click here -) is an example htm file of how protware's page now appears within my "wrapped" textarea. Open it in a browser, and you can easily see where the text is that appears on the page. You can see that the author has taken steps to obfuscate the text with such things as:

A world standard for web intelieclsal proper { proteclion - ali exper s in web lesign, , , seclsity and intelizclsal proper y protection

It would take some work to figure out how he hides certain strings within the body. I have to congratulate him because it is a big improvement over what he had when I wrote my article.

But still, I think if the user is trying to find given images to directly download, he can. As an example, all I had to do to figure out what the "NEW" image was, was to search for ".jpg" and here it is:

So, a bit of extra work, and some thought, and you can see that my wrapped idea still works pretty good, even considering the improvements made by PROTWARE.


Hito gis wrote:
> Dear Edward,
> I have read your article about protware protection here:
> Following your procedure I'm not successful decode the web page.
> It's changed the level of codifies?
> Thanks,
> Hito

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