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Linux - Create ISO Image Files and Mount Them
By Edward Stoever
There are times when physical access to a Linux box is not possible. Still, you may find a need to use a CD for installing or upgrading software. This brief article demonstrates how make image files from a CD and move those files to a remote server. There, the files can be mounted so that their file systems can be accessed just as if the CD were inserted into the CDROM of the remote server.

The above image demonstrates using the dd command to copy the bytes from a CD to a file. This was done on a local virtual machine - Fedora Core 1. Notice that the CD had to be un-mounted after each CD was inserted. That is because Fedora automatically mounts a CD when it is inserted.

Next, the scp command is used to copy the iso files to the remote server.

Finally, the iso images are mounted. Now each file system can be accessed just as if a CD were inserted and mounted.

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