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Team coding is a great feature of TOAD. It prevents two people from working on the same PL/SQL code at the same time and thus overwriting each other's work. It does have its drawbacks. You should never check out code that was provided with your ERP application. Recently, we ran into this exact scenario. An ERP package was checked out and compiled with the debug option on. Doing so locked up all other objects that were dependent on it and we couldn't check out what we needed to with TOAD. We needed to recompile that package bypassing TOAD's Team Coding feature.

I bypassed Team Coding by taking a copy of the code from our production database and placing it into a SQL editor window. At the beginning, I typed in the command "set define off;" and ran it as a script. This overwrote the package and compiled it clean, unlocking all dependant objects! ("set define off;" forces TOAD to compile the code as is, without asking to replace any strings that include an ampersand).
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