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Create Oracle 10g Grid Computing at Home

By Edward Stoever

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(Posted August 2010) In 2005, I celebrated the release of the book Personal Oracle RAC Clusters. Writing the book was an important building block in my career. Many people have sent me emails requesting help and thanking me for my efforts. As time has passed, the hardware described in the book has become nearly impossible to acquire. Most of the software downloads are now unavailable.

If you purchase the book, I hope you will find it to be a valuable part of your knowledge base. If you believe it is being sold in error, because it is now obsolete, you should request a refund from the publisher. I do not know that they will refund your money. I have no communication with the publisher in over two years.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1  Acquiring the Required Hardware
Chapter 2  Installing Linux
Chapter 3  Fedora Linux Basics
Chapter 4  The Basics of Oracle on Linux
Chapter 5  Configuring Shared Storage
Chapter 6  Installing Oracle 9i Software
Chapter 7  Creating and Managing 9i RAC Databases
Chapter 8  Installing Oracle 10g Software
Chapter 9  Creating and Managing 10g RAC Databases
Chapter 10  9i Instances on 10g CRS and Upgrading a 9i Database
Chapter 11  Introducing 10g Release 2
Appendix A  Linux Commands Used in This Project
Appendix B  Code Depot
Appendix C  Errors, Errors, Errors!
Appendix D  System Rescue and Reverting to an Image
Appendix E  Alternative Linux Windows Managers
Appendix F  Software for the Microsoft Windows Client Machine
Appendix G  Rebuilding 10g CRS Files Without Reinstalling
Appendix H  10g Database Services for High Availability
Appendix I  Glossary
©2010 Edward Stoever