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By Edward Stoever

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Installing an Oracle Database with ASM on Fedora Core 5

By Edward Stoever

This article will walk through the installation of Oracle software on Fedora Core 5, then create a database that runs on Oracle's Automatic Storage Management.

Note, this article would not exist without the information found the following two articles: Kudos to both of the authors that wrote those articles. Please read the comments about the first article to understand the difficultis that Tim went though to create a stable install of Oracle on Fedora Core 5!

There are still a number of pitfalls, especially related to creating an ASM instance and diskgroups, which I will cover in this article. I will add a number of tips for installing Fedora Core 5 and Oracle, but mostly I will defer to Tim's article.

Why Oracle on Fedora Core 5? Why insist on creating an ASM database? Fedora is a great starter platform for students, because it is free. Creating a database that runs on ASM is important for students in order to learn the ASM architecture.

What is so difficult about installing Oracle with ASM on Fedora Core 5? Fedora Core operating systems are very close to the Redhat Linux distributions that are supported by Oracle. But, they are not the same. There are no ASM drivers that will work with the Fedora Core 5 Kernel. Typical to complicated software that runs on Linux, there are plenty of traps. This is a downside to the flexibility that Linux offers - so many kernels to support! Oracle 10g Release 2 does not require the drivers, however setting it up without the drivers is tricky.

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