Edward Stoever - Datbase-expert.com

Prepared for Fuller Theological Seminary.

Install Notes for installing Oracle 9i on Alpha Open VMS 
while an Oracle 8i database is currently installed.

1) Create a user account on alpha with the name oracle9i. To do so, have the system admin follow
   the steps listed here. The oracle9i user will need special 
   permissions allowing for writing and executing on the system. Furthermore, this account must be set 
   up so that it can utilize at least 50% of the RAM on the server (else oracle will page memory back
   to disk, a performance nightmare!).
======= WHILE LOGGED IN AS oracle9i ========

2) Remove all logicals with "ORA" in their names. Ask the system admin for assistance. You need to 
   excercise some caution for removing logicals that are defined on the system table because these 
   logicals are available to all sessions at all times. Look in your login.com file to see if any 
   other .com files are run which would create logicals that inlude ORA in their names. 
   To verify, 
         $show logical *ORA*
3) remove the Orauser symbol
         $delete /symbol orauser /glo

4) Create a temporary directory on the hard disk you will install the Oracle software to:
         $set def  DISK3:[000000]
		 $create /dir [.temp]

5) Place CD in drive and mount the CD
         $show dev d
         $mount /over=ident dka500

6) Create the oracle home directory	 (I created disk3:[oracle.v92] )
         $set def  DISK3:[000000]
         $create /dir [.oracle]
		 $set default oracle
		 $create /dir [.v92]
7) run the installer (this must be done from a command prompt in a decwindows environment.)
         $@dka500:[000000]runinstaller -scratchpath disk3:[000000.temp]
8) Now you should be in the Oracle Universal Installer GUI
         Make the following choices/settings:
		    Oracle Home Definition: ORA9i
			Path to Oracle home:    disk3:[oracle.v92]
			Database version:       Enterprise Edition
			Enable RAC?             No

9)	Changing CDs in the middle of the install: Focus on the command line window in which you
    mounted the CD and launched the installer. Hit return to bring back the command prompt.
	        $dismount dka500		
	Switch the disks.
	        $mount /over=ident dka500
	Note: that goofy path in the disk location window is in Unix format. Do not change the format!
	        it should read: /dka500/000000/
10) When the GUI shows 100%, give it a few minutes to compete and the screen will change to 
    "Install Successful". Oracle GUIs can be extremely slow, so give the Universal installer 
	plenty of time to get from screen to screen.
11) Next Install - You want to install the precomilers that Oracle provides for Pro*C, Pro*Cobol, etc. 
    (all of the Pro* compilers). Switch disks back to disk 1 using the same method in Step 9.
	    select the CLIENT (Why client? On most Oracle disks, 
		                   the compilers are listed in the server listing - Go figure!)
		select Installation Types: custom
		Install the missing components, be aware that a disk switch will be required almost immediately.
12) when done, install the patchset.