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Doc ID: Note:73976.1
Subject: Required/Optional VMS Information for the "PROGRAM=" Entry in LISTENER.ORA
Content Type: TEXT/PLAIN
Creation Date: 03-SEP-1999
Last Revision Date: 20-MAR-2003
Title:  Required/Optional VMS Information for the "PROGRAM=" Entry   




Oracle uses the information defined in the "PROGRAM=" line in LISTENER.ORA

to establish a connection when a SQL*Net connection request is made. The

Network Manager documentation indicates that "platform-specific information"

goes into the "PROGRAM=" entry in the LISTENER.ORA file.

What information is required for LISTENER.ORA on OpenVMS systems?



This listener parameter references a command file to set up the

environment for a specific SID. To set up the environment, you run

certain VMS command files that define logicals and symbols needed for a

particular instance.

Specify the "PROGRAM=" parameter as follows:


Oracle recommends using a standard directory and a standard naming

convention for your NETV2 files. This is not enforced. You may use

any name and store the files in any directory as long as security on the

files allows for dedicated connections to be made.

The standard directory location is ORA_ROOT:[NETWORK.ADMIN]. The

VMS logical name TNS_ADMIN typically points to the ORA_ROOT:[NETWORK.ADMIN]

directory. The standard naming convention for the file referenced

in the "PROGRAM=" line is ORASRV_NETV2_<sid>.COM.

The ORASRV_NETV2_<sid>.COM file can be built from the sample file

located in the ORA_ROOT:[NETWORK.ADMIN] directory. Use the VMS copy command

to make your instance-specific version of the ORASRV_NETV2_COM.SAMPLE file.




Change one line in the file. Instructions on what to change are provided

in the sample file. Below is the line that needs to be changed:

$! @disk$1:[oracle7.db_o7]orauser_o7


When a connection request is received by the listener, it checks its

sid_list, finds the appropriate SID, runs the specified information in

"PROGRAM=", which sets the VMS logicals and symbols to the SID-specific values.

Note: The format of the NETV2 files has changed in Oracle 7.3.X and

higher. Always use the ORASRV_NETV2_COM.SAMPLE to make your new

SID-specific versions.

The NETV2 file for Oracle 7.3.X and higher has three lines that need

to be modified for each database you wish to connect to.

The three lines are:

$ ora_db = "database administration directory"

$ sid = "sid name"

$ dbname = "database name"

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See the SQL*Net Configuration and User's Guide released with each new version

of Oracle RDBMS.


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