Notes by Edward Stoever
Oracle Database Administrator and Application Developer
May 30, 2004

A list of UTL scirpts provided by Oracle
found in the RDBMS/ADMIN directory:

Script name     | Purpose
utlbstat.sql    | A pre-cursor to the modern statspack
utlchain.sql    | Creates the default table for storing the output of the
                | analyze list chained rows command
utlchn1.sql     | same as utlchain.sql
utlconst.sql    | constraint check utility 
                | Script to check for valid date constraints. 
utlcxml.sql     | PL/SQL wrapper over COREs C-based XML/XSL processor
                | This is the package header for the PL/SQL interface to CORE's C-based
                | XML Parser and XSL Processor. It currently does not provide an
                | interface to CORE's C-based DOM, SAX and Namespace APIs.
utldst.sql      | Downgrade System Types compatibility
                | Run this script in order to downgrade the image format of the
                | system types from 8.1 compatibility to 8.0 compatibility.
deptree.sql     | Show objects recursively dependent on given object
                | This procedure, view and temp table will allow you to see all
                | objects that are (recursively) dependent on the given object.
                | Note: you will only see objects for which you have permission.
utlenc.sql      | PL/SQL Package for ENCODE (UTL_ENCODE)
                | PL/SQL package to encode RAW data strings
utlestat.sql    | This script will generate a report (in "report.txt") which will contain
                | usefull information for performance monitoring.  In particular
                | information from v$sysstat, v$latch, and v$rollstat.
except.sql      | Creates table "exceptions"
utlfile.sql     | Creates the package UTL_FILE. Do not run unless 
                | UTL_FILE does not exist on the database.
utlhttp.sql     | HTTP requests from stored programs
                | The UTL_HTTP package makes Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) callouts
                | from SQL and PL/SQL.  It can be used to access data on the Internet over
                | the HTTP protocol.
utlinad.sql     | PL/SQL Package for Internet address
                | This package allows a PL/SQL program to retrieve host name and
                | IP address information of local or remote host.
utlincmp.sql    | UTiLity script to check for INCoMPatible 
                | objects in the database before a downgrade
utlip.sql       | UTiLity script to Invalidate & Recompile Pl/sql modules
                | This script can be used to invalidate all existing PL/SQL modules
                | (procedures, functions, packages, types, triggers, views) in a
                | database so that they will be forced to be recompiled later on
                | either automatically or deliberately.
utljavarm.sql   | Remove all java objects
                | This removes all the java objects from the data dictionary.
UTLLOCKT.SQL    | Print out the lock wait-for graph in tree structured fashion.
                | This is useful for diagnosing systems that are hung on locks.
utlnchar.sql    | The migration script for NCHAR data from 8i to 9i
utlopslt.sql    | Utility to dump lock tree in OPS
                | Print out the lock wait-for graph in a tree structured fashion.
                | This script  prints  the  instance and OS PIDs (as instance-OS PID string in
                | the first column of the output) in the system that are waiting for global
                | locks,  and the locks that they  are waiting for.
utlpg.sql       | PL/SQL Package of utility routines for Procedural Gateway. 
                | Creates Package UTL_PG.
                | Procedural Gateway specific routines to manipulate raws.
utlpitl.sql     | UTiLity to reset Pdml ITL

                | This script needs to be executed to remove PDML ITL
utlpwdmg.sql    | script for Default Password Resource Limits
                | This is a script for enabling the password management features
                | by setting the default password resource limits (ie complexity & expiration).
utlraw.sql      | PL/SQL Package of utility routines for raw datatypes
                | Package spec of UTL_RAW (check if UTL_RAW is already there before running!)
utlrefld.sql    | Load UTL_REF package on the server
                | Installs the utl_ref package on the rdbms.
utlrp.sql       | UTiLity script Recompile invalid Pl/sql modules
                | This is a fairly general script that can be used at any time to
                | recompile all existing invalid PL/SQL modules in a database.
utlsampl.sql    | Creates the famous SCOTT/TIGER schema
utlscln.sql     | UTILITY SNAPshot clone
                | This file is an example of a procedure that clones a snapshot repschema.
                | This is an example.  It will not work for all snapshot repschemas
                | under all circumstances.
utlsmtp.sql     | Creates the PL/SQL Package for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
                | communication (Package Specification of UTL_SMTP)
utltcp.sql      | Creates the UTL_TCP package
                | This package provides TCP/IP client-side access functionality in PL/SQL.
utltkprf.sql    | Grant public access to all views used by TKPROF with verbose=y option.
                | This file must be run while logged-in as SYS.
                | Catalog.sql must have been run before this file is run.
utlurl.sql      | PL/SQL Package for URL (UTL_URL)
                | PL/SQL package to escape/unescape URLs.
utlvalid.sql    | Creates the default table for storing the output of the
                | analyze validate command on a partitioned table.
utlxmv.sql      | The utility script creates the MV_CAPABILITIES_TABLE that is
                | used by the DBMS_MVIEW.EXPLAIN_MVIEW() API.
utlxplan.sql    | Creates the table that is used by the EXPLAIN PLAN
                | statement.  The explain statement requires the presence of this 
                | table in order to store the descriptions of the row sources.
utlxplp.sql     | Script utility to display the explain plan of the last explain plan
                | command. Display also Parallel Query information.
utlxpls.sql     | Script utility to display the explain plan of the last explain plan
                | command. Do not display information related to Parallel Query
utlxrw.sql      | Outputs of the EXPLAIN_REWRITE goes into the table created
                | by utlxrw.sql (called REWRITE_TABLE). So utlxrw must be
                | invoked before any EXPLAIN_REWRITE tests.